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About Bossen

Your One Stop Shop for Fun Asian Eats Enthusiasts.

In 2010, founders Haber Tu and Edward Shen made a simple observation that led to the creation of Bossen: People crave sweets, and they are always looking for fun ways to satisfy their sweet tooth. They started Leadway International, Inc. in the San Francisco Bay Area, and began developing several premium products under the Bossen brand, including bubble tea, snow ice, and toppings for frozen yogurt, plus store supplies and kitchen equipment such as our Tea Espresso Machine and sealing film machines.

In 2012, we went beyond our successful wholesale business to launch our online store Since then, we receive thousands of orders monthly, shipping our Bossen brand products across all of the USA.

Amongst our services, we offer Custom Printing for clients to brand their products and also, offer our Boba Academy with hands-on training and product education for bubble tea & more for new and long-time businesses.

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  • Bossen
  • Bossen Boba Academy
  • Bossen Custom Print
  • Bursting Boba®
  • Bursting Boba® Embrace
  • Bursting Boba® Pure25
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