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Old Cart Road
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Saint Vincent And The Grenadines

P: 784-455-1894

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About Grenadine Sea Salt LTD

Grenadine Sea Salt is a luxurious gourmet finishing salt produced on the pristine island of Bequia, in the Grenadines. Seawater is collected and solar evaporated in our innovative patent pending stills, allowing us to provide the highest quality sea salt, free of any contaminants. We offer The Wild One, our original Pure sea salt, and 5 blends, all made with locally sourced ingredients: St. Vincent Blend—Tumeric and Chili, Mustique Blend—Mango and Lime, Bequia Blend—Coconut, Canouan Blend—Cinnamon Nutmeg and Mayreau Blend—Dark Rum. Each blend is available in both jars and pouches with wholesale and retail pricing. Jar sizes are: 1oz. 2.5 oz., and 5.5 oz. with export ready, exquisitely designed packaging. Pouches come in .5, 1 and 2lb quantities. Grenadine Sea Salt has been FDA laboratory tested with remarkable results: less sodium and chloride than leading gourmet brands, as well as more healthy minerals and trace elements. Most importantly, Chefs love our salt!
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